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Japan has attracted many foreign businesses over the years.  This trend is still continuing today because Japanese market offers size, stability, and high growth potentials. 


Many companies outside of Japan have succeeded in entering the market and have been enjoying their growth since then.  Many other companies have chosen different paths and captured their successes by developing business alliances with Japanese companies.  They have been providing their goods/services not only in Japan, but also in other markets throughout the world as result of such arrangements. 


The current business environment in Japan indicates that conditions are becoming more favorable to those who are seeking to enter the market compared to the situation few years ago.  The deregulation process in Japan has picked up its momentum. Many barriers to entry which created great difficulties for foreign companies entering Japan will most likely be removed in the near future. 


Furthermore, with substantial growth of emerging markets worldwide, many Japanese companies are starting to change their business scheme fundamentally.  Many of them are seeking to develop partnerships with foreign companies to achieve more efficiencies and better market reach to sustain growth. 


Overall, Japan and its economy will continue to offer attractive opportunities for those who are searching for ways to expand their businesses abroad*. 


(*We recently had a big natural disaster in the northeast. Needless to say, this has impacted so may people's lives and their businesses in the region. While it is true that this tragedy has created new challenges for Japan and its economy, Japan's overall economy is still strong and attractive as described above.)


That is the good news.  The bad news is that, despite of the positive changes mentioned above, Japan is still one of the most difficult markets to enter.  So many companies have failed in the past and so many are having difficulties today to seize opportunities.


Creating a business partnership is always a difficult task.  If one's counterpart is from a different country with unfamiliar language and cultural background, achieving the task would become more difficult.  The Japanese language, culture, customs, business norms, etc. are unique from others and they have effectively acted as barriers for foreign companies to reach their goals. 


English language is also acting as a big barrier in Japan, even today.  Although English is considered as "international business language", English skills of an average business person in Japan are not as high as those of other neighboring countries such as Korea, and Taiwan.  


In other words, there are so many possibilities of failing to achieve one's goal (i.e. developing a meaningful business partnership) when dealing with a Japanese company.  


TraceGlobe Management was established to provide necessary support for companies and individuals who are seeking to expand their businesses through developing meaningful partnerships with Japanese companies. 


Please contact us to find out more.  Let us help you to achieve your goals. We look forward meeting you.



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