Why not in English?

Some people have asked me why I am posting my blog only in Japanese. To tell the truth, I couldn’t think of any good reasons. Why am I writing only in Japanese?  Well, I thought about saying that writing in Japanese makes sense since almost all of the readers are Japanese. But I realized that this is not a good excuse for a guy like me to be making.


After all, TraceGlobe Management is here to help organizations and individuals improve their effectiveness in global business operation and management activities. Also, I have been telling everyone how important it is for a business person to have decent business English communication skills in every occasion I have had in the past.





So why am I not using English? Instead of trying to figure out what to say, I thanked them for bringing this topic up and told them that I will also use English from now on.


Here we are. I am posting my first blog in English. And this certainly will not be the last. Although I will need to some time to get used to it, I will enjoy this new way of sharing views and ideas. At the same time, I am hoping that posting a blog in English every now and then will give some exposures to English for those who are not familiar with this language. As for those who are comfortable with the language, well, you will have something to read about.